Location: On-line
Date: June 22, 2017
Time: 3:00 – 5:00pm
Presenter: Wim Jongman, Remain Software
During this session we will be getting an overview of GitHub.  This session is important so we all understand what role GitHub will play in our Open Source Project.  We will be covering the following topics during our session.

The Gut of Git

  • What is Git
  • Repositories
  • Working Directory
  • The Index
  • Commits
  • Branches
  • Remotes

Remote Actions

  • Creating a GitHub Repository
  • Cloning the Repository to your directory
  • Forking a GitHub Repository



Local Actions

  • Clone a Repository
  • Make Changes
  • Commit your changes
  • Push Changes
  • Creating a Pull Request
  • Merge a Pull Request
If you have not done our Session 1 setups and the Homework please log on to get the downloads!  It is not too late to get involved!
Email us if you have any questions on how to get started.admin@magic-ug.org


Things to do prior to the session:
1. Join GitHub https://github.com/
2. Go through the tutorial so you can get a introduced to GitHub- https://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/
3. Install the SCM version also.  Take all defaults during install – https://git-scm.com/download/win