All Lab Information Here Please check prior to attending

Are You Taking a Lab at the Conference?

This page contains all the information needed to be prepared for the Labs at our Annual Conference.  Please be sure to check your connectivity prior to attending the conference.  This will ensure we can get right into the labs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at

For all labs you will need access to the MAGiC IBM i.  If you are a member then your work will remain on the machine.  If you are not a member then access will be for 30 days after the conference.

All Labs Require the following:

  1. Your Own Laptop
  2. Access to the MAGiC IBM i
  3. 5250 Emulation - ACS for example
  4. Test prior to conference that you are able to successfully logon to the IBM i. 

Here is the download of all of Charlie's sessions. Charlie_Guarino_Sessions

Please check if you already have RDi installed that you are on the most recent version  If you are not can you please try to upgrade to that version.

If you do not have RDi then please use the link below to download a version that is good for 60 days.!/wiki/W5655eb35823a_4511_8970_3f665cc5d557

To connect to the MAGiC machine with RDi a certificate will need to be added to RDi.  Below are the directions for connecting, if you encounter any problems please send us an email at

  1. Download the zip file containing the certificate.  Save the certificate to a folder on your computer and make sure the object ends in .cer.  DOWNLOAD
  2. Start RDi as Administrator
  3. Add the newly created .cer to the studio by clicking on 'Window, Preferences, Remote Systems & SSL.
  4. Add the certificate by clicking the Add button and browse to where you saved the certificate.

5. Exit out of RDi.  Restart RDi.  We have had some issues where the certificate was not recognized and this has resolved the issue. 

6. Create the remote system if you have not already done so.

7.  Lastly, right click on the hostname and select properties under 'Remote Systems' and check the box for 'Use secure communications methods'.

8.  You should now be able to connect to the machine.  If you encounter any problems please let us know.

For the Labs DDS to SQL and the HTML, CSS and Javascript the following is needed:

  1. Connection to MAGiC machine - either through RDi or green screen emulation. (see instructions under Charlie's RDi tab)

If you would like to connect through ACS you can follow these directions:

Detailed instructions are:

  • Click the “Download IBM i Access Client Solutions base package” link
  • Log in with your IBM id
  • Agree to the license and click “I Confirm”
  • Select the “Download using HTTP” tab at the top
  • Find “IBM i Access Client Solutions” file and click “Download Now”
  • This will download a .zip file
  • Unzip/Extract the files
  • Find the “Start_Programs” folder
  • Open the folder that corresponds to your operating system
  • Use the acslaunch program to start ACS
  • Once ACS is started select “System Configurations” link
  • Click “New”
    • enter “” for the system name
    • select the “Use SSL” checkbox
    • press Verify Connection
    • Navigator isn’t going to work, but everything else should
    • Press OK on the verify screen
    • Press OK on the “Add New System” screen

Here is a screen shot of the configured connection

Test your connectivity prior to the conference.

For the Git Lab please have the following:

1. Join GitHub
2. Go through the tutorial so you can get a introduced to GitHub-  (If you have time.  This will just familiarize you with some terms, all will be covered during the session)
3. Install the SCM version also.  Take all defaults during install –
4. WINSCP will also be used.  It can be downloaded at:
Here is a screen shot of creating a new session/site .When you click Save the  2nd screen shot will be displayed, enter the name of the location, such as Magic. Click OK.
5. Download Putty:
 Test it out to make sure you can logon to the MAGiC machine.Click Open and then the prompt window will open.  Use your IBM i credentials that were emailed to you. 


For the .Net lab you will be creating a .Net application that will utilize the IBM i as the data source.  The required software and setups are listed below.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Visual Studio 2013, 2015, and 2017 can be used. If you do not already have Visual Studio,
you may download Visual Studio 2017 Community for free:
When installing Visual Studio, three Workloads are required: Universal Windows Platform development, .NET desktop
development, and ASP.NET and web development.

You can download the IBM i .NET data provider directly from the IBM website. Here is the URL for your
The provider can be installed as part of the IBM i Access for Windows. Follow the on-screen instructions,
and be sure to select Custom Install on the Setup Type screen. Make sure the .NET Data Provider in the Data
Access section is selected and click the Next button. We only require that the Required Programs and .NET Data Provider be installed. You may choose not to install the other items. Continue to finalize the installation.

Press ESC to exit out of full screen.

Software Requirements and Setup



Lab 1 Documentation



Lab 2 Documentation