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The Mid-Atlantic Group of IBM i Collaborators (MAGIC) was created in October of 2016.  This group was primarily formed to support the IBM i users in the Mid-Atlantic area; Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and parts of Pennsylvania.  Although the group was created to focus on the users in this area anyone interested in the IBM i is welcome to join.

The primary objective of the MAGIC user's group is to facilitate ongoing education and networking among the IBM i community, including IT professionals and independent software developers and vendors, region-wide. Members will gain valuable insights and training, from knowledgeable industry experts, designed to help us shift our thinking and approaches from reactive to proactive, from status quo to visionary, from keeping up with the industry to leading from within it.

We’ll stay apprised of industry trends and forecasts, leading-edge tools and procedures, IBM i advancements and offerings and more.

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