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    Labs for the Annual IBM i Conference

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    Open Source Session 4 – Putting it together

    Location: On-line Date: Will be Rescheduled Time: 3:30 During this session we will be putting together what we learned from the initial open source session and the 2 Git sessions. Chris Hird from Shield Advanced Solutions will be presenting.  We will review what we have learned so far.  We will then discuss how we apply our...
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    Overview GitHub Session 2

    Location: On-line Date: July 18, 2017 Time: 11-1:00pm RSVP Overview GitHub Session 2    Session 3 in the Open Source Series Presenter: Wim Jongman, Remain Software During this session we will be reviewing what we did in the previous session, and continue further on the overview of GitHub. This session is important so we all...
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    IBM i Open Source GitHub Overview

    Location: On-line Date: June 22, 2017 Time: 3:00 – 5:00pm   Presenter: Wim Jongman, Remain Software  RSVP During this session we will be getting an overview of GitHub.  This session is important so we all understand what role GitHub will play in our Open Source Project.  We will be covering the following topics during our...
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    Web Development by John Valance

    Location: On-line Date: June 15, 2017 Time: 3:30-6:30 Presenter: John Valance, Division 1 Systems RSVP John Valance has worked on the IBM midrange platform since 1983 and on web development since 1998. As a consultant and developer, John specializes in database and web application development on the IBM i platform. He is also a trainer...